Wedding Candles

The first request  I got was from my nephew who was marrying his partner in Johnstown Castle in Wexford. He wanted 50 candles, 25 of them ivory and 25 of black to line the entrance hall of the Castle. The impact of the candles when you entered the hall-way was stunning.

Another wedding request that stands out was a request to make a candle that would match the brides very special shoes.  The shoes (Christian Louboutin) were absolutely beautiful and something that the bride really adored. The ask, could I make a candle which would serve as a momento of the wedding day but also of the shoes themselves. I had great fun playing with colours and designs and after several attempts I settled on a contemporary design that reflected both the colours and the elegance of the shoes.

Most recently I  was asked to supply a very specific shade of Ivory and again after much playing around with light and depth of colour the customer settled on a beautiful pillar decorated with a small Azalea and a very warm but gentle bouquet of rose petals.  This bespoke candle is now winging it’s way to the US for a wedding in early September.

And candles to match the bridesmaids dresses. There are no half measures here.  The colour had to be spot on and the candles themselves had to be big enough to be noticed but not so big as to draw attention away from the main event.  These candles provided consistent accented colour in line with the wedding colour palette, just one more touch to finish off the perfect day.

 colour matching wedding candles


 I had a request for the candles below, they were a gift for a couple who were getting married in Poland.  I think they turned out really well.

I’m really looking forward to the next challenge.  Contact me by TwitterFacebook or on my email (  if you are interested in custom candles for your event

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